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ShibaSwap: Quick Guide To Get Started Here

Are you also looking to earn crypto tokens in higher margins by providing liquidity? If yes, then you have visited the right page as we are going to talk about the way to get started on such a platform where you can earn rewards higher than any other decentralized exchange and that is ShibaSwap. Yes, Shiba Swap easily lets you perform lots of things such as staking, swapping, buying NFTs, and providing liquidity. But before moving forward to learn the procedure to trade on ShibaSwap, let’s learn more about it.  

About ShibaSwap

ShibaSwap is a decentralized exchange platform that allows you to perform a lot of trading activities and it is also the native of the Shiba Inu coin. This exchange is designed with a user-friendly interface and that makes it a favorite for many traders. Shibaswap offers a wide range of features and trading options that are loved by almost all traders. ShibaSwap exchange is like the PancakeSwap and UniSwap and it operates without a single or central authority. And, this platform has higher profit potential than PancakeSwap and other exchanges. Apart from that, you can earn higher rewards on this platform as well.

Connecting A Non-Custodial Wallet On ShibaSwap

Well, this is an important procedure in case you are looking to start trading on the Shiba Swap platform. Traders who have not gone through the wallet setup process yet need to get the seed phrase details first. However, if you are a user of MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Coinbase Wallet then you can easily link it to the ShibaSwap.com website. Now, read the steps that are given below and complete the wallet linking process:

  1. Open a browser on the device that you are using such as a Mac or Windows
  2. Now, you need to visit the https://shibaswap.com/#/ page with the help of mentioned below
  3. After that, you are advised to find the “Connect Wallet” button and click on it
  4. Once you click this button, you are asked to choose your wallet
  5. Now, choose the wallet and then select from the MetaMask extension or mobile app
  6. If you are a mobile wallet user, find the scanner of your wallet and scan the QR to establish the connection
  7. Or when you are asked, provide the secret recovery phrase details
  8. Once you enter this detail, type the password for your account as well
  9. Make sure the details are valid and then click the “Confirm” button
  10. Finally, your non-custodial wallet has been linked to the ShibaSwap without any issue

Easy Steps To Swap Tokens On ShibaSwap

Are you are also interested in swapping tokens on the ShibaSwap exchange? This is an easy and quick process but it can’t be completed until you don’t know the proper method. Now, make sure that your wallet is laced with sufficient tokens, and then approach the steps that are given below:

  1. Using a browser, go to the ShibaSwap official page
  2. Now, from the home page, find the “Swap” button and click on it
  3. After that, you are asked to search for a token and enter the amount
  4. Now, head to the next box and select the “Swap Token” button
  5. Or go with the wallet setup procedure if required
  6. Now, go through the preview process and then confirm that you are okay with the results

After reading and following the steps that are given above you will be able to swap your crypto tokens on the ShibaSwap exchange.

Staking Your Shiba Tokens To Gain Returns

Do you also have deposited Shiba Tokens in your account and looking to bury them from your account? If yes, then you can easily stake tokens to earn returns on Shiba Swap with the help of the steps that are given below:

  1. Using your browser, visit the https://shibaswap.com/#/ site
  2. Check whether your non-custodial wallet is connected or not
  3. Now, find and click on the “Stake Tokens” option to proceed to the next page
  4. After that, you need to choose the token which you want to burry on Shiba Swap
  5. Fill up the blank fields by entering the required details in the corresponding box
  6. When you are asked, click the “Stake” button to finish this process


To sum up, whether you want to swap your tokens from one to another or add your funds as a liquidity pool on ShibaSwap.com, all these procedures are easy and quick. And, you can also start trading on ShibaSwap with the help of the above-mentioned procedures. Apart from that in case you are facing an issue while linking your crypto wallet or swapping crypto tokens then you should try to use another browser to access these features. Traders whose crypto wallet is not accessible need to check whether they are providing the correct 12-word seed phrase details or not. We believe that you have learned about the procedure to get started on the most advanced decentralized exchange, ShibaSwap.

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